UPSL National Finals Spring 2022 Preview – Beaman United (Nashville, TN) 

August 4th, 2022

The UPSL National Finals are set to begin this Friday, August 5th as four of the best pro-development teams in the county face-off to determine who is crowned UPSL National champion. 

Beaman United FC (8-1-1) were dominant all regular season with 52 goals in 10 games and an undefeated record away from home. Representing Nashville, they finished the UPSL season top of the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference and were crowned 2022 KY-TN Spring Conference Champions. 

With two forwards—Eryk Fernandez (14 goals) and Seth Poku (12 goals)—in double digits, and over 50 goals scored in ten regular season games, a lot is expected from this Beaman side in the semifinals. Head Coach Gift Ndam shared with us what this UPSL season has been like for the club. 

“We understand that no team in this league is an easy team, and we have to compete every game. Every team so far has been relentless in attack and so that is our mindset. I told the boys they have to earn every win. You don’t get that anywhere else in other leagues, this level of competition. 

The Finals, held this year at the Historic Columbus Crew Stadium, is set to feature two semi-final matches on Friday, August 5th and the National Final on Sunday, August 7th. Queensboro FC II and Beaman United FC kick off this Saturday at 7:00PM. Watch for free, live on the official UPSL YouTube.  

Watch Beaman United FC (Nashville, TN) vs Queensboro FC II (New York City, NY)   

5:30PM EST / 2:30PM PST (8/1)